Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Called to the bar

We are now trying our very best to scan every bar coded script that comes into the pharmacy (especially since I read that 25% of scripts are now bar coded but only 1% of scripts are actually being dispensed in this way).

We now have two GP surgeries who are issuing bar coded scripts.

Information either seems to be getting a bit quicker at coming down from the spine, or we are getting more used to changing our way of working to accommodate these scripts (i.e. scanning them as soon as they come in, so that the information is ready for us when we do get to that script).

I still find that whoever is running the script through (including me!) isn’t looking at the patient’s record as much as they should to pick up new medicines, changes in doses, etc; but instead is concentrating on altering all the dose information on the script to patient-friendly terms on the label.

But we’ll get there I’m sure.


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