Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Relocation (repeat after me)

You may remember many moons ago that we developed a plan for boosting our business since it is likely that one of the pharmacies in the town is doing a ‘minor relocation’ into one of the local practices (the dispensing practice!).

Well we have now actioned our main goal which was to re-launch our repeat prescription and delivery service. This has taken some time and planning to e.g. produce all the advertising, bag stuffers, patient sign-up forms, etc; to write the SOPs and train the staff; and to get the GP practices on board with the new service (since the ‘new’ service primarily involves us requesting repeat scripts from the surgeries on patients’ behalves).

So we are currently busy signing up all our patients up for the service, and so far it is going very well (we started off just working with one surgery in order to iron out any problems). I feel that the timing of this launch is right since, of course, we have future-proofed our patient sign-up forms for EPS, etc and it gets patients used to requesting their repeat items from us in preparation for repeat dispensing (whenever that may be!).


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