Friday, February 09, 2007

Top form

I’ve seen from the pharmacy press that the draft revised version of the MUR form is now in circulation (see draft form at - comments required by February 28).

We’ve been waiting for this revised version before we start to implement MURs since we didn’t see the point in getting all the local GPs on board with the service only to have to go through it all again once the new form came out.

I am accredited to do MURs, but not having actually done one yet, I’m not the best person to comment on the proposed new form. However I have to say that it does look a lot better since I would predict that all GPs will want to see is the pharmacist action plan following the MUR. So hopefully the powers that be will get the new form agreed and in use as soon as possible.

In the meantime we are getting the premises accredited and the other pharmacists are also planning to get their accreditations. I personally liked the CPPE online accreditation but I know that at least one of the other pharmacists intends to attend a local training day where you receive the accreditation at the end of the days training.



Anonymous Sachin Badiani said...

Good luck on starting your MURs.

Anne (our employed pharmacist) is the only one whose actually starting to carry out MURs out of all our pharmacies. She is loving it (not only for the finicial gain!), she has found that some patients were not taking medication correctly (or the existing instructions from doctor were not enough).

Those who say that MURs are a waste of NHS money... Grrrrr (refering to a recent story in the PJ).

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