Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Inspectors and everything else

We’ve had a bit of an impromptu RPSGB inspectors visit this week. The inspector came to visit to check up on the premises (since the pharmacy has fairly recently relocated) and then started to go through everything else as well. Considering that we hadn’t prepared for the ‘everything else’ we didn’t do too badly.

We’ve collated all the points raised and drawn up an action plan that we will implement over time. The main points raised were around our (apparently) out of date SOPs for OTC sales and the general dispensing process (to add to the SOP for CDs) and how we analyse errors in order to stop them happening again.

We do keep a log of all near misses in the dispensary but we aren’t yet very good at spending the time analysing the log to see what the common errors are and how we can therefore improve the dispensing process. So this will keep us busy for a little while.


Blogger UK Community Pharmacist said...

Analysing errors is something that happens when I get a spare five minutes. Which isn't very often. Yes it's important, but not something I get to do very often. I do sometimes wonder if the RPSGB inspectors have ever worked in community pharmacy (or maybe they just have a part of their memory erased, much like some PCT staff as well).

10:22 pm  
Anonymous Sachin Badiani said...

We got our PCT monitoring on Tuesday of next week (at two of our pharmacies).

Glad this post has reminded me about looking at near misses and errors. :)

One cause of errors is patients' names.... it seems as if someone is entering people as temprorary patients and not recording addresses... I've made a point to point this out and whenever I do prescriptions, have to go back and check the patient details to confirm everything is correct.

Now all I have to do is document all this :(

8:23 pm  

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